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The sculpture in Montaña Blanca, from one of César Manrique’s Wind Toy collection, has been returned to its original place after being dismantled and completely refurbished.

This sculpture has previously been repaired between the end of 2005 and good part of 2006, after it was damaged by the tropical storm Delta. The work carried out in the last weeks have been of a minor nature in comparison.

Travelling arount the island you may notice that quite a few of the sculptures are missing due to repair work. The sculptures that stood in Tahiche and at the airport have now been retired and are being replaced by replicas and will be hopefully completed by the end of the year, a little later than anticipated as they were scheduled to be in place for this summer

The mobile which stands at the roundabout of Arrieta was retired a few days ago and subjected to maintenance work, with revision of the gears, it is hoped that the replacement of the sculpture will be in place during the first days of the coming month.