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These days we seem to invent a new word for almost everything. The term glamping I am sure you can guess is a mixture of glamour and camping. The locals that pack themselves off to Papagayo in the summer in their caravans often use the term as they set up there satellite TV’s and make the area their own like a home from home.

Lanzarote offers glamping holidays to tourists that are looking for a natural way to spend their time on the island. Luxury camping can take the form of luxury tents such as yurts, tipis and bell tents. In most cases this type of holiday is eco friendly and a real chance to get away from it all and hide yourself from the outside world.

We are pleased to offer this alternative and help put Glamping on the map by offering a selection of yurts for that holiday to remember. Situated in a rural area north of the island, the camp offers a cummunal pool, childs playground, animals and is just a shor walk from thr beach. To see more on what we have to offer, please click here