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From the 17th May there will be something different on the menu in many of art and culture centers in Lanzarote. At first it doesnt seem that apetising but I have yet to try one. This is a first in the whole of Spain a fusion between the American burger with an ingredient which uses a plant native to Lanzarote. The  cactus burger is a mixture of tomato bread, goat yogurt sauce with smoked cheese and arugula, made from ingredients one hundred percent of origin Lanzarote. Also included in the mixture are tuna, potatoes, onions and millo

The use of cacti in the diet goes back to pre-Columbian times. Already the Aztecs used it in their habitual diet, next to the now popular grains of quinoa and seeds of chia, all known as superfoods by the amount of benefits that report to humans. Cactus helps stabilize blood sugar, lowers cholesterol, cleans blood vessels, sweeps the colon, protects the liver, softens the stomach, The cactus contains unusually high levels of taurine, an essential amino acid that participates in different biochemical processes and is commonly found in energy drinks. In addition, it makes a remarkable contribution of antioxidants to the body. In short, “this is a healthy hamburger, sustainable, functional, different and innovative.”

The cactus burger is suitable for vegetarians, celiac in its version without bread, and intolerant to lactose, eggs and nuts.