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The ferry crossing can be very interesting between Fuerteventura and Lanzarote. Not only because of the amazing views, its not unusual to see flying fish jumping out of the water during the crossing. This species can be found in all tropical and sub tropical oceans. They are capable of leaping out of the water and gliding above the surface for long distances due to their wing like rigid fins. They also have an unevenly forked tail to help them on their way. They build up speed underwater.wimming toward the surface with its fins folded tightly against its streamlined body. Upon breaking the surface, the fish spreads its enlarged fins and gains additional thrust from rapid beats of the still-submerged tail. When sufficient speed has been attained, the tail is lifted clear of the water and the fish is airborne, gliding a few feet above the surface at a speed of about 16 km/hr (10 miles per hour).

Flight for these fishes is primarily a means of escaping predators. Flying fish can attain enough height to carry them onto the decks of ships in their waters, where their remains are frequently discovered at dawn.