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Wifi is a must for most people travelling these days. Years ago it used to be a kettle! Can you believe that years ago you had to hire one in most self catering complexes. Wifi now is supplied in almost all the properties although there are a few that need to catch up but they are realising quickly that the business lost by not having wifi is tremendous. In all its not really difficult to find accommodation in Lanzarote nowadays with wifi but what happens when you are on the beach or taking a trip out for the day or maybe eating out in a restauarnt. This also seems to have been covered. A cpmpany called All Day Internet in Spain. They can offer a
device is compatible with any WiFi ready system: Laptops, iPhones, Ipads, Androids, PSPs. You can connect our Wifi device with up to 5 phones, tablets, laptops, etc…  For you, your family or friends to enjoy. By disconnecting  the Roaming option you will avoid being overcharged by abusive internet costs. From 5 Euros a day and up to 5 people using our device simultaneously.Just turn on the device and connect yourself to our portable WiFi.  4G/3G coverage in 95% of Spain.If you´re travelling to Spain for work or pleasure, AlldayInternet allows you to stay connected easily and cheaply