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I’ve seen plenty of documentaries about the Megalodon, even one that suggested that that they were still alive and included sightings and stories of these beasts taking ships down. I really never took on board that these were actual prehistoric creatures and existed on earth at one time. The Megalodon were sharks that grew to be over 20 meters in length. True giants and dinosaurs of the sea. To give you an idea they fed on whales, dolphins, seals and turtles. This super shark lived in all the oceans, approximately 20 million years ago. In 2013 the Spanish Institute of Oceanography found teeth from this beast over 1000m deep close to the island of Graciosa just above Lanzarote.

They also found fossilised remains of other extinct sharks, and other extinct sea creatures including  a manatee and sea cow. Pedro Pascual who is a marine biologist explained that this is a scientific scientific breakthrough in provides new information about the formation of the Canary Islands which rose up from the sea some  5 million years ago