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Ok, so there are some very high points in Lanzarote the boast fantastic views, There are high vantage points where you can see the sea on both the east and west coast at the same time. My ears have popped quite a few times when I have been out and about travelling up and down hillsides and mountains but compared to the other islands these mountains are relatively low. Although Spain shares the Pyrenees the highest mountain in the country is on the Canary Island of Tenerife which measures 3718m (12198ft) the 10th highest in the world. If you take an internal flight fro Lanzarote to Gran Canaria you can see it peak which is sometimes snow capped poking through above the cloud. The volcano is still active with the last eruption taking place in 1909. This mountain dwarfs the highest point in Lanzarote which is Peñas del Chache which is 670m (2200 feet) above sea level.