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I took my first trip yesterday in an electric car. I was offered a lift by one of our Playa Blanca Villa owners and he was pretty keen to show me what they can do. In reality you would not know the difference as a passenger. I thought you would definately notice the difference in the acceleration and speed, but not the case. This car is capable of doing aver 150klm per hour and you can hardly hear it running. These cars have absolutely everything in terms up technology. Built in satellite navigation hand free telephone system.  They must be the easiest cars ever built to drive. A 2 hour charge can take the car up to 50 kilometers.

Lanzarote is thought to be an ideal location for the first widespread use of electric cars, mostly due to its size and because the large number of businesses renting cars on the island means the electric cars could be easily phased in for tourists to rent.. There have been  discussions of how solar panels could be used to generate the electricity required to recharge such vehicles, creating an entirely carbon free form of transport for the tourist industry on the island.