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Flies, ladybirds and mosquitos you probably know about but I have never seen a bee in Lanzarote during all the years I have lived here. Thought it may be due to the lack of plant life to pollonise. I was suprised to hear of a local bee keeper in Teguise called Miguel. Sure enough I have seen honey on the shelves in the supermarkets, I didnt know that there was a honey native to the island. Opening up a new fountain of knowledge, there is in fact a Canarian Black Bee (Abeja Negra) which was originaly brought over from Gran Canaria. Miguel has 17 hives which are scattered over the island of which one can produce up to 15 kilos of honey a year. You can buy the honey in selected shops in Lanzarote. The pollen the bees collect is from pumpkin and melon blossom.

If you fancy giving it a try you can buy the honey from the La Chokateria in Arrecife