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The village of Las Valles is tucked away in the north of the island in a valley that decends from the Risco de Famara, (the mountains that overlook Famara beach). This village was founded by survivors of another village called Santa Catalina which was destroyed by the volcanic eruptions in the south between 1730 and 1736. The church in the village has been given the name Santa Catalina in memory. Its the highest chapel on the island and is 608m above sea level. Quite difficult to find as it is off the beaten track and very close to the cliff top. Las Nieves means The snow and the church is dedicated to ‘Our lady of the Snow’ Of course it never snows here but this is probably the coolest place on the island. On a cloudy day you wont see much from this viewpoint as you will be in amongst clouds.The doors of the church  are very rarely open, normaly just for mass.

The village is covered with farming land being so high up there is a lot of moisture which is good for the crops. A great place for views with peaks rising to 671m