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We want to mention another great local charity on Lanzarote called “9Lives Lanzarote”.  This registered charity was set up to help and control the feral cats of the island. It is run by a lady called Bernie who together with her volunteers and helpers, they work continuously to try and control the number of stray and unwanted kittens born every year.

9lives 9lives4

Their work includes the following;

Spaying & Neutering: working with a team of qualified vets and nurses to trap, neuter/spay, health check and, if necessary, treat cats, before releasing them back into their previous surroundings, and afterwards following up on them and looking after their welfare.
Education: visiting holiday complexes that house feral cat colonies, and educating owners and staff about spaying and neutering.
Communal Feeding Stations: setting up “Cat Cafés” on tourist complexes, i.e. communal feeding grounds for all cats that live there, including putting up signs to inform holiday makers not to feed the cats anywhere else on the complex.

Anyone who would like to help this wonderful charity can do so by visiting their website on the following link; How to help

For those people not on the island, donations can be made through paypal or by bank transfer by clicking here