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Its great to jump in a car and do a tour of the island but the only drawback is the driver does not see as much as the rest of the party, whilst he is concentrating on the road. The other way to see some sights is to book a local coach tour but then you are limmited as to what you can see and you wont have as much freedom. If you are feeling energetic and  want to descover the real Lanzarote and enjoy the amazing landscape there are also a number of guided walks and bike tours that can take you off the beaten track and show you the corners of Lanzarote that you may of otherwise missed. You can choose between daily walks or take a week hiking and discovering new things.

Olita Trek and Bike is a local company that can offer you a number of options for this type of holiday with excursions covering:

The north of the island including the Corona volcanoe and Famara Cliffs
The Island of La Graciosa
The Volcanoes
La Geria vineyards