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Ok, this can get complicated sometimes. If you get confused in Starbucks or Costa, the local coffee shops here in Lanzarote have offer numerous variations on traditional coffee

Add to the list below whether vyou want your coffee largo, in a large glass, wheter you want liquid or condensed milk and whether yyou want it in a cup or a gleass. I’m telling you its an art!

Café Solo
The most commonly ordered type of coffee in Spain. Café solo is a small and very strong black coffee usually served in a small glass.
Café Con Leche
This is the next most popular way to drink coffee, especially as the first cup of the day.
Cafe Leche Leche
Coffee served with condensed milk
Café Americano
similar to a café solo but served in a larger glass or cup with a more water.Café
A strong black coffee similar to café solo but with a drop of milk.
Café Con Hielo
Mostly drunk in the summertime this is cold coffee otherwise known as iced coffee. The Spanish will serve you with a ‘normal coffee’ and a separate glass with ice and you should then pour your coffee over the ice.
Café Carajillo
This is the coffee that is famous around the world as ‘Spanish coffee’ although as we have already seen – there are so many other types of coffee in Spain apart from the café carajillo. Outside of Spain we know Spanish coffee as a coffee with alcohol – typically rum then topped with whipped cream.