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Maybe it is a going out of fashion with the introduction of social media in our lives but you wouldn’t notice whilst strolling around the shops and attractions. You will find racks full of postcards to send back to your friends and relatives back home to make them jealous while you are on holiday and they are back home working or looking out of the window at a rainy day. The postcard was thought of in the 1800’s. After years of communication by sealed letters this easier form of communication caught on with nearly every country in the world producing them. The British were the first to develop a card in 1902 with the divide on the back to allow you to write a message and the address on the same side, allowing the front to be used for something else, either advertising or a photo.

During the month of January there is an exhibition in the Casa Amarilla in the main high street of Arrecife of postcards of Lanzarote dating back to 19th century. You are bound to see some very interesting changes since the start of tourism on the island reflected in the photos

Postcard Exhibition