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If you haven’t got your Christmas decorations down by now, you have just today to do it. Our custom is that if they are not down before the January 6th you have to leave them up all year or suffer bad luck. Well, that’s what my mum always used to tell me! In Lanzarote the customs are different and tonight represents the eve of the height of the Christmas season and commemorates the arrival of the Three Kings. The 6th is a bank holiday and the day to exchange presents. Tonight the children will be leaving out their shoes (not a stocking) for the Three Kings to deliver their presents.

There are many processions around the island usually starting on the 4th January with the highlight being the arrival of the kings. Here we are lucky enough to have camels and the kings are at the back of the procession on camels  throwing sweets to the children. At the end of the procession they sit on thrones and ask the children what they would like for Christmas, just like we do with Santa.

Tonight is the main procession in Arrecife, the capital of the island. It will be a very busy evening with some shops staying open until 12am for those who have left it a little late to buy their gifts

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