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Lanzarote is not really known for its greenery and foliage. The barren landscape and lack of rain over the summer can make it difficult to imagine anything could survive. In the winter. One plant that is always visible is the Cactus which is why  the island has its own cactus garden in the north in the village of Guatiza. Virtualy every species is kept in these attractive gardens for visitors to wander round and enjoy. Just walking around you will see the amazing shapes and sizes they can grow. All different you cant help wonder why this happens.

One of the most well know cactus plants that you will see in the locals gardens travelling around Lanzarote is a perfectly sperical one. This cactus has been nick named by Canarians ¨ Mother in Laws Cushion¨. It can grow up to 1 meter or 3 feet tall. There are plenty of them in Lanzarote but believe it or not, it is considered to be critically endagered in the wild. This plant is originaly native to Mexico and its real name is Echinocactus grusonii. I will leave it to your imagination as to why it is better known as Mother in Laws Cushion!