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Just been to look at a new villa in Playa Blanca this morning. Unique because it only has 1 bedroom. There are plenty of 2 and 3 bedroom properties but it is rare to come across a smaller villa which is ideal for just a couple looking for a quiet getaway.

Close to Los Colorados commericial complex this is a great getaway for tose seeking a bit of sunshine in an area which is away from the husle and bustle of the Playa Blanca resort. Its withing walking distance of the nationaly protected beaches of Papagayo but the area does have its own little beach which in honesty is not as picturesque but is a break from the pool if you fancy a day out.

The comercial center reminds me of being somewhere else. It has a different feel and style to a majority of the comercial centers in Lanzarote. A small selection of shops and restaurants and a wellness center all withing walking distance.

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