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Wildlife in Lanzarote  is just a little different to what you would find in the UK or most northern countries Europe. One of the creatures you will find in abundance whilst walking around is Canary Wall Gecko. It is part of the lizard family and they love the heat and a bit of shrub land and rocky areas. They grow to around 8 cm and are quite plump with a flattened head. The feet have suction pads all along the toes and these are widest at the tips. There are strong claws on the third and fourth digit of each foot. The skin is fairly smooth with small tubercles which are often multi-keeled. The eyes have vertical pupils in bright light and are brown or golden. The body colour is quite variable, being generally greyish-brown with a paler, sometimes intermittent, stripe along the spine and darker transverse bars. The underside is paler and sometimes tinged yellow, especially near the vent.

They are completely harmless but very curious and brave so don’t be too scared if one gets quite close