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I remember my first landing in Lanzarote. The approach was unexpected, Most aircraft tend to take the same route depending on wind direction and which end of the runway they will be touching down on. Passing over the north of the island you first notice the island of Graciosa before continuing along the east coast. There is only 1 runway and this is the normal approach as the wind conditions are from the north a majority of the time. This is the best side as the runway has an ILS instrument which means that the pilot does not have to see the runway to land in this direction. If the wind changes then the planes will land approaching over the mountains.

They continue south passing the island and turn out at sea. The decent is gradual and you have an amazing view of the the island before starting your journey back up the east coast. 

This is the scary bit as the approach, if you look down you can only see the sea getting closer and closer. When you think the aircraft is just about to touch down in the sea, within seconds you fly over the small beach of Guacimeta and onto the runway.

So, don’t be too scared because eventually you will reach land. Over 49,575 touch down during the year carrying 5883,039 passengers