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Second day of the year, we have swiped the slate clean and kicked all our bad habits? Well maybe not all of them in my case. Christmas and New Year out the way and the January sales in full swing, so its time to start thinking of the year ahead and our summer holidays. This is a busy time in the travel industry. Before coming into the business I never realised. I remember my first interview with a well known travel agency and one of the questions was “When do you think that the busiest time is for us?” . Trying to impress I was picking out of my brain all the busy holiday times for example August and Easter etc and really not thinking it through. Of course that is the time when people are on holiday and not booking. So as we start our busy period its a good reminder that this is the time that all of our Lanzarote Villas start to get snapped up! So if you are looking for something specific for instance villas in Puerto del Carmen or you have a large party to consider, or you prefer a villa in Playa Blanca, now is the time to start shopping.

The good thing is once its done and you have paid the deposit, all you have to do is look forward to your villa holiday in Lanzarote