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As Lanzarote has become more commercialised, gone are the days where you had a shopping list of things to bring over from the UK when you had guests visiting. This year our Overseas Supermarket which is a mixture of Iceland and Waitrose products is full of goodies. No ex pat will go short of chocolate or cakes this year. However, this was not the case not so long ago.  Spanish cakes and chocolate do not tend to be as pleasing to the palate maybe due to the lack of fresh ingredients due to the climate. One treat that is popular at Christmas is the Polvoron. Personally i can’t see the attraction but the Spanish love them. To describe they are like a biscuit, some very sweet and others not sweet at all. Once you take a bite, they dissolve into powder so I usually need a drink if I am going to attempt to eat one. To be honest I steer clear of them or decline if I am offered this type of treat.