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Its quite easy to pop to the local supermarket and by something fizzy for the holiday celebrations. The larger supermarkets are filled with bottles of cava wines with the cheapest being around 3 Euros! Obviously for this price it is not top quality but there are plenty of more expensive bottles to choose from.

An alternative would be Spanish Cava wine which was developed in the 1860’s by Joseph Raventos. He originally discovered this sparkling wine in the champagne regions of France and developed a Spanish sparkling wine which he called champagne up until the European wine makers union forced him to change the name.

Speaking as a non expert there is really not much difference from these wines and French Champagne. In essence the same grapes are used and the storing process is the same. With the recent economic downturns these wines have become extremely popular, so if you are on a budget and looking to have a Bucks Fizz for breakfast on Christmas day or a glass of champagne with your BBQ, or if you are lucky enough to be here for the New Year these wines are definitely worth a try. To be honest, if you are unsure, at these prices you could probably have a practice run!