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While everyone in the UK and Ireland are taking advantage of the period between Christmas and New Year to do some bargain hunting, here in Lanzarote everyone is still shopping for Christmas! You would have thought that by now we would all be spent out and fed up of walking around the shops, but we cant resist a bargain. In Lanzarote we are still waiting for those bargains to reach the shelves. The government in Spain officially mandates the winter sales to begin on the 7th of January, the day after Reyes (Spanish Christmas Day). The sales will go on until the end of February but you will have to be quick if you want to make the most of them. The reductions are usually in 4 stages. Primeros (1st) segundad (2nd) terceras (3rd) and ultimas (last). The last will normally only be for a few days and being exceptionally tight, this is when I like to see if there is a bargain to be had. The only thing is by this time there is not a lot to choose from and its hard work finding the clothes sizes or that value for money item.

Here are some tips for anyone who happens to be in Lanzarote during the Sales

Consumer organizations offer a few tips that shoppers may want to keep in mind when making purchases during these half-yearly sales in Lanzarote

  • Remember that sale items must either display the original price together with the sale price, or show the percentage of the discount offered on the original price.
  • Sales items must be the same items as those offered before the sale; if this is not the case, and the sale only includes a few products, they should be clearly marked as sale items and separated from the rest of the store items that continue to be sold at regular price.
  • Accepted forms of payment during the rebajas half-yearly sales must be the same as the rest of the year. It is illegal to, for example, not accept credit card payment during these sales.
  • The warranty period must be the same on sale items as it is on items that are not on sale. Returns and exchanges can be made just as they are outside of the half-yearly sales periods.
  • Shoppers are advised to prepare a shopping list to avoid the dangers of compulsive shopping.
  • Sales receipts must be kept to be able to make complaints, returns or exchanges on purchases.
  • Complaint forms must be made available to customers during half-yearly sales.

Finally, it is important to remember that the rebajas half-yearly sales mean a reduction in price on products, they do not mean a reduction in consumer rights. If you experience any type of problem, you are encouraged to make your way to the nearest Municipal Consumer’s office to place a formal complaint.