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Hispanic tradition is to celebrate on the night of Christmas eve. This is the most important time and the term Noche Buena translates to Good Night in english. This will be the largest family meal of the year. Unlike our traditions with turkey on Christmas Day, Spanish culture will celebrate this night with roast pork which will be the centerpiece of the meal along with lots of alcohol.

Typical foods might include the following courses:

  • A tapas course of appetizers and cheeses
  • A soup course, typically a fish chowder
  • The main entree, perhaps lobster or a lamb roast
  • And of course numerous traditional sweets made several days in advance.
  • All accompanied by wonderful Spanish wines
  • A Spanish Tapa Meatball for Noche Buena Feast

After the meal families sin traditional Spanish carols accompanied by members of the family banging cutlery on empty bottles. It all sound a bit rowdy but really its just good family fun. The more religious will attend a midnight mass which as in many catholic countries happens all over the world. There is no waiting for Santa or exchanging of presents as this is done on January 6th and known as Reyes (3 kings day) Christmas day is still a fiesta with most paces closed and closing early on Christmas eve