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If you are offended by naturism then there are certain beaches that you will need to steer clear of. If you embrace being able to sunbathe and swim naked, then there are a number of places that you can go. Being nude on the beach in Spain is not illegal but obviously  the majority of people do use their common sense so as not to offend anyone. You will not find naturists on the main tourist beaches but if you go to the natural beaches such as Papagayo, Famara or Charco de Palo then you will find that some people choose not to wear swim suites.  In fact Charco de Palo in the north is a naturist resort so people walk around the streets in this area naked. Most of the people in this village are tourists staying in the resort. The area has been adapted with a couple of natural pools which are filled with seawater where people can bathe. Locals do use this area in their spare time as well.

Naturism is accepted in Lanzarote, respectfully done so that people that dont wish to take part do not feel offended. This is one of the places in the world where you can return home with an all over tan!