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Well, I suppose there was no escaping it! Every year Christmas seems to start earlier and earlier, more so in the U.K. It starts a little later here but does tend to linger on long after with January 6th, 3 kings day being the most celebrated.The shops now have just started to introduce their point of sale and the commercial centers are being decorated at a leisurely pace.  I have still not seen any houses with Christmas trees up and as usual the street light will be put up the first week of December.

I do much prefer how the festive holiday creeps up on you here in the Canaries rather than the full on Christmas advertising which has been happening in the UK for the past 2 months.

If you do have a holiday here before the  big day and are planning on looking for some gifts on the island, just remember

Most goods (alcohol, tobacco, perfume, jewellery, clothing and electronic items) are still cheaper in the Canaries, which although use the Euro, have maintained their status of a free trade zone within the EU and offer produce with a much lower VAT rate compared with many other European countries.

However, there are strict export limits for taking items to other European Union countries. For example, you are only allowed to bring with you one litre of spirits and 200 cigarettes (or 50 cigars).