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The news this week reported the death of Fidel Castro the former dictator of Cuba. There are many simularities between the 2 countries as not long ago Spain was ruled by a dictator. There is a long history between the Canaries and Cuba with many of the  Canary Islanders moving to Cuba to find work and in search of a better life style years ago. Living here you can definately feel a South American vibe, especialy in Carnival season. Salsa an Merengue music and dance being a big part of the local fiestas and everyday life. These days the roles seemed to have reversed and there are a increased number of Cubans settling in the Canaries. Nethertheless there will be a group of people affected by the recent news and remembering some of the positive achievements of Castro.

On mainland Spain there has been a different story as with many other European countries. There has been an oficial complaint as King Juan Carlos has attended the funeral where a majority of citizens remember him for the abuses on human rights. There have been protests on the streets of Madrid.

It seems unlikely that Cubas situation will change after his death as he made plans during his long illness and his brother Raul Castro proceeded him