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With Hurricane Mathew heading towards Florida having just left devastation in Haiti, my thoughts go back to a tropical storm we had here in Lanzarote in 2005. Luckily we do not see storms or hurricanes hardly ever but this particular day was extraordinary to say the least.

I remember a weather alert on the island which is not unusual. We tend to get them in the winter months for short bursts of wind and rain but coming from the UK its hard to understand what all the fuss is about. I think its just an excuse for everyone to finish early!

This particular day I remember walking the dog along the beachfront to Arrecife. All seemed pretty normal and I noticed that the owners of the houses along the front were boarding and taping up their windows. I was thing why on earth are they doing that! On the way back about 7pm the see began to get a bit choppy and there was a fair wind but nothing serious.  I arrived home and settled down an evening in front of the TV. About 11 o’clock I heard a lot of crashing and banging outside so as curious as I am, opened the front door, Well, as I opened the door it seemed that half the rubbish, sand and dirt from the street blew into the house. That was it! I forced the door shut and was not going to venture out there. It was difficult to sleep as there was crashing and banging for most of the night, it was frightening to think what was going on out there.

Next morning is was clear to see that the storm had taken its toll. There  was a lot of damage, To give you an idea, one of Ceaser Manriques weather sculptures was uprooted.