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The Daily Express reported yesterday that Mount Teide in Tenerife had call for urgent analysis after 90 mini quakes were recorded. The article included photos of a volcano exploding but later said that the episode is classed as abnormal but no case for alarm. The truth is that both Teide and Timanfaya are monitored very closely. Data is being collected constantly. There are mini quakes happening all of the time as in the UK, but they are not strong enough to feel. In the 20 years I have been on the island I have only ever felt one back in 2013 on 11th of June which that measured 3.7 and lasted for a few seconds. It only affected part of the island through a fault line that runs through San Bartolome.

In 2011 there there were underwater eruptions close to the island of La Gomera where lava was flowing 100 meters above the seabed but never managed to peak. Although part of the island was evacuated there was never any real risk to the locals.

The truth is Mount Teide shows no signs of erupting and if it were to erupt we would know plenty of time beforehand and as for our island The Lanzarote Geodynamic Laboratory has  new capabilities for the monitoring of volcanic activity.