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Its hard to see when travelling around this small island what Lanzarote has in the form of commercial industry apart from tourism. I have already blogged about the wine industry and cochineal, aloe vera and potatoes. Its true that almost every inch of this barren land has been cultivated in some way.

The salt flats clearly visible on the road to Playa Blanca which in its prime produced up to 100000 tons of sea salt  a year. So how does it work? Nowadays electrical pumps are used to cover the salt tables with sea water where the water is eventually evaporated leaving the salt. A simple idea producing a product that most of us use everyday. A small part of the production is still sold as high quality table salt and each year, during the Corpus Christi festival in June, tons of dyed salt are traditionally used in the creation of magnificent decorations in the streets and squares of the capital city of Arrecife.


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