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Next weekend 8th October 2016 see one of the islands annual sporting events. There is always a sporting event taking place in the form of a triathlon or marathon. Some have a twist for instance, music marathon, wine run and colour run where an element of fun is added to the event.

The Graciosa swim is a competitive swim open water between 2 islands starting at Playa de Bajo Risco in Lanzarote and finishing at Caleta de Sebo in La Graciousa ) the small island to the north of Lanzarote. The distance is 2600 metres and this stretch of water is know as “El Rio” (The River). The time limit is 1 hour after the first participant has arrived. Places are limited to 700 participants.

The race started in 1993 where just 50 swimmers took part.

If you are in Lanzarote and in the north, you will be able to observe from the top of the mountain