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This week is Cultural wee in Haria. This village in the north is nestled in a valley surrounded by volcanoes in the north of the island. I call this my winter village. Whenever I go it gives me a cozy feel. The well known history of this village is that years ago for every boy that was born 2 palm trees were planted in the village and for every girl 1 tree was planted, hence on approaching the village from above the valley you can notice a n oasis of these trees, also known as the valley of the 1000 palms.  So the pretty village is a great venue for having a cultural event finishing with a concert on Sunday afternoon in the main square from 1 to 1.30 with a dessert tasting after. Probably not worth taking a trip to this event as it will be small and mainly for the locals but the village is well worth a visit with the house of Cesar Manrique which is open to the public.

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