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Anyone arriving from a different destination will automatically notice the different landscape of Lanzarote. Almost immediately you will see the palm trees and maybe think that there is nothing special about these, after all in a warm climate you are bound to see few palm trees. The main difference being that the palm trees in Lanzarote are Canarian palms and not the same as the palm trees in main land Spain and other parts of the world.

These palms can grow up to 65 feet tall and spread up to 40 feet. Good news is if you have a small garden, these palms grow very, very slowly and will probably only reach 10 feet tall in the first 15 years. The sap of the palm is used to make palm syrup, so it does have a use apart from landscaping.

These are protected trees, so if you have one which is blocking your view, you will need to seek permission from the local council to have it removed and placed in another location. The law does not permit the destruction of this tree.