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Well, most people take a trip to Lanzarote to relax on holiday or maybe take part in a fiesta or sporting event but very few come to train for a trip into space. The European Space Agency along with scientists have been exploring the volcanic landscape and geological conditions which maybe similar to Mars.

Two astranaults Pedro Duke and Luca Parmitano are planning for the future trip to the red planet.

Luca Parmitano  has previously been assigned to  an expert in piloting of more than 40 types of aircraft, was assigned as a flight engineer of the expedition 36/37 (a long-term mission to the international space station), and has travelled in the soyuz TMA

Pedro Duke is the leader of  flight operations, with responsibility for European activities in the international space station

During a  of training, the astronauts are training on the volcanic moonscape of Lanzarote