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For most of the year you can BBQ in Lanzarote without a problem. Portable and built in BBQ’s are present in most properties but there is one restaurant on the island that has a BBQ you will never forget!

El Diablo restaurant on the peak of Timanfaya National Park has a BBQ where the natural heat from the earth is used. The dormant volcano produces heat and vapor which rises through a hole in the ground to cook the food placed on the grill above

In order to withstand the heat of the volcano a non-conventional cooking system was designed by architects Eduardo Caceres and Jesus Soto.

They used nine layers of volcanic basalt rock to form the grill, and El Diablo’s manager and scientists and volcanologists were consulted to check the unusual food cooking method was safe.

Panoramic views of the stunning mountains can be experienced while guests sample the food cooked by the volcano.

Canarian food is served from midday to 3.30pm daily and it is advised to book early as the unique BBQ restaurant is popular with visitors to the area.