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For a wrestling enthusiast, did you know that the Canary islands have there own sport called Lucha Canaria? Its history goes back to the Guanches, the early natives of the island in the 1400’S. Not all of the original rules have survived but the sport remains popular on the islands with plenty of clubs competing.

The wrestler start in the middle of a sand circle called a ´¨Terrero¨. Its a question of balance and the idea is to struggle to get the opponent to touch the sand with a part of the body other than the feet by trying to throw them off balance. Instigating 2 falls declares you the winner. To watch, it resembles Sumo wrestling with the wrestles starting in a crouched position grabbing hold of on an others shorts. Punching and hitting are forbidden moves. There are lots of tournaments taking place throughout the year. The participants are of a certain build and usually quite stocky like rugby players and some do not look particularly fit being on the larger size. Obviously an advantage for throwing the other off balance.