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The world seems to have gone mad over the years celebrating different days for one thing or another. If you use social media, there is always someone wishing everybody a happy day for a special interest. For instance, did you know that July is Horseradish Month?

So here goes,here are the first 15 days of this month of July

1. Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day
2. Hop a Park Day
3. Stay out of the Sun Day (not a great one for Lanzarote)
4. Independence from Meat Day
5. Bikini Day
6. Fried Chicken Day
7. Global Forgiveness Day
8. Scud Day
9. Sugar Cookie Day
10. Teddy Bear Picnic Day
11. International Town Criers Day
12. Pecan Pie Day
13. Embrace Your Geekness Day
14. Hot Dog Day
15. Pet Fire Safety Day

Have you found something amongst these to celebrate?