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Without about doubt, anyone who comes to stay wants to try Tapas. A spanish tradition which is made up of either different types of savoury snacks which also can be grouped together to make a meal.  A favorite amongst the many of the dishes is Gambas al Aljillo, which are prawns in garlic, served with piping hot oil to the point where the oil is still sizziling when they reach the table. So tasty you cant help dipping your bread in the oil after all the prawns have been eaten. Same idea can be done with mushrooms

Heres how you make them

  1. Finely mince 4 garlic gloves and place in a bowl
  2. Add your prawns to the bowl
  3. Add prawn shells to a skillet with garlic and cover with olive oil and pepper flakes
  4. Heat medium to high until shimmering

Serve with bread and small boile potatoes in their skins