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There are lots of wonderful charities on the island of Lanzarote but we wanted to draw your attention to one in particular, ” The Kennel Klub”.
The Kennel Klub was founded in 2012 and since then they have rescued more than 360 dogs from a certain death sentence.
This official charity is run by 2 amazing and very special ladies, Sarah & Laura. The object of the Kennel Klub is to save dogs from the numerous pounds on the island and find them their “forever home”.

When stray dogs are found roaming the streets of Lanzarote (something that unfortunately is still very common on the island), they are taken to the nearest dog pound and if they are not claimed they will eventually and very sadly be put to sleep.
The Kennel Klub will rescue these dogs from their awful fate and keep them in private dog kennels where they are well looked after, exercised and fed. Then, through social media and lots of other different means, they will find these dogs their “forever home” with a loving family.
It is entirely run by volunteers. They raise money through monthly jumble sales, numerous fund raising events and kind donations from island residents and holiday makers. Their monthly costs are high. They have to pay for their numerous dog’s kennel lodgings, vet bills and flights (dogs can be re homed outside of Lanzarote). They can have around 6 dogs in the kennels at any one time and many more in various foster homes. All the dogs are sterilised, treated for fleas/worms/ticks and they all have a chip. All these costs are funded solely by The Kennel Klub. Their monthly outgoing costs can reach up to €6000.
Both of these ladies have their own jobs and families and together with numerous equally fantastic volunteers, they selflessly dedicate an enormous amount of their “free” time to the dogs, often cats too…. and raising money and awareness.
We think they do the most amazing job and if anyone would like to make a donation you can do so on their website by clicking here

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