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Have you ever wondered about an ecologically friendly holiday and what it would involve?

A lot of work has gone into protecting the natural Lanzarote and respecting the local culture. An Eco friendly holiday is designed to cause a minimum impact on the environment and works to create simplistic images of local people and their uses and understandings of their surroundings.

In a 2014 TripAdvisor survey, more than half of its customers (57 percent) stated that they often made eco-friendly holiday decisions. Half of the holidaymakers surveyed stated that they would spend more money for a stay in an eco friendly hotel with 23 per cent saying they would spend an additional £25 per night for a green hotel while nine per cent said they would be willing to spend an extra £25-£50.
Lanzarote has a number of Eco friendly individually designed holiday options giving the guest opportunities to enjoy the culture, people and food of this wonderful destination.

What to expect from Eco accommodation
Off grid energy powered by solar and wind
Privacy and communal areas
Hybrid car hire

Rural locations have so much to offer when considering a relaxing break. for more information on the types of accommodation click here