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Its the subject that everyone is imagestalking about and dominating the news. Nobody seems to know what is going to happen if the UK does decide to exit the EU. I’m no expert but I have just read an interesting article of what could happen. It does raise some interesting questions the main one will be will us Brits still be able travel freely within our European neighboring countries?

Most of the CEO’s in the travel industry at the moment a speaking out against our exit. The benefits of traveling that we enjoy within in our community at the moment would almost certainly be lost such us health arrangements, will be be dependent on costly travel insurance? For certain we will not be passing freely through the EU gate in arrivals at any airport. Will our passports have to be re issued? And will we start having to pay duty again on our purchases from abroad? The Euro could become the stronger currency and consumer protection could fall behind. The consumer group Holiday Travel Watch says “The EU brings many consumer rights – benefits that I fear will be lost.”
We would not share the freedom we have in the sky, a cost that would be passed on to the consumer.

Considering all of the above, cheap and easy travel from the UK will become a thing of the past. We can only hope that if the decision is to leave, that economy benefits from a boost which will allow everyone to get their well deserved break in the sun.