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Sandwiched between Lanzarote and Fuerteventura is a small island called Los Lobos. You may not realise if you are staying in the north of the island but it is prominent from the south and especially from Playa Blanca. A nationally protected area the island measures just 4.68 kilometers square.

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The name Los Lobos (Wolves) comes from the large amount of monk seals known as sea wolves that used to inhabit the island around the 15th century. The island is uninhabited but up until 1968 a man called Atonio lived there with his family as a lighthouse keeper.

You can visit the island from Fuerteventura on one of the excursion boats. Once there the access to visitors is restricted a this is a protected area. You would have to stay on the walking trails. The unspoiled sandy beach is a beautiful place to spend the day. Trips are during daylight only and it is forbidden to stay on this island overnight.

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