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A new under water museum has opened under the sea of the coast of Playa Blanca…… Yes underwater!!! Its Europe’s first but apparently, there are others in the Bahamas, Mexico and the Antilles. The sculptures have been supplied by Jason de Caires Taylor and have been submerged at depths between 12 and 15 meters. Obviously the only way to see this will be to dive. The sculptures include a couple taking a selfie and 35 human figures walking beneath the waves.

I am not a very good diver so will be missing out on this one, which is a shame. I missed out on a similar experience years ago on a trip to the barrier reef, which makes me think that I should take a diving course, especially living in a place where there are so many opportunities to take courses and making the most of the world under the sea.

The museum does serve another purpose, the sculptures are made from an environmentally friendly concrete helping to preserve by attracting plant and animal life