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Off to the market today, I have family here and its a chance to take advantage of going to places that you don’t normally visit when you live on the island.Since arriving some 20 years ago, I’ve watched this market grow. Years ago it was concentrated around the Village square and a couple of streets. It has now taken over the village, new areas have been added which are now full of market stalls. Whether you like shopping or not, this is a great place to go mainly for the atmosphere. I don’t really go to shop. For the locals it can be a meeting point lots of atmosphere with many of the bars supporting live music. Its a laid back atmosphere set in one of the most historic parts of the island. Teguise was the old capital of the island and is good demonstration of Canarian values and on this day you will see folk dancing in traditional costumesToday I will probably stroll around with my visitors. There is always something new to see, mainly hand made items for sale and generally you will find something that you haven’t seen before. Markets have been introduced to most resorts on the island on different days a week.Good for the traders as they can work most days now but there is still no market that has the same atmosphere as Teguise.I  take a trip up to the market once in a while but not to shop. I like to meet up with friends, have a beer in one of the bars with live music. The bars are old Canarian houses with interior patios, where you can make the most of the sunshine and watch people come and go. All nationalities seem to be in this place on this day.

I don’t think I will be buying anything today, Its a place to relax really, wander around and soak up the atmosphere