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Another busy day ahead. Its funny, the beginning of the month always seems to be that much busier. I often wonder why and have put it down to most people by now have their pay cheque and are in a position to put a deposit down on that well earned holiday.

If you have never worked in the travel industry, you probably wont know that the first 3 months of the year are when most people make a reservation for a holiday. I can remember many years ago, my first interview for a position in a travel agency. One of the questions was something along the lines of ” when do you think is the busiest time and most people book a holiday?”. I was stumped, having previously worked in retail and the busiest time being Christmas I tried to think of an obvious answer. What did I say? without really thinking, July and August. Despite my wrong answer I still managed to get the job. Obviously this time of year would not be as busy as everyone is away enjoying the holiday they had booked months ago! I put my answer down to nerves but it was a real derrrrrr experience.

In those days everyone booked from a brochure. January arrived and there were queues in the agency and outside. Everyone clutching a brochure with a page turned down or a book mark of where they wanted to book. They had been studying and comparing this page and discussing with other members of the party for days before making their choice. Very few questions apart from what would be the total cost, as no one ever understood the supplements.

In comparison to those days, the first months of the year still tend to be the busiest time for reservations. With the invention of the Internet, there are more questions and it is far easier to get answers to anything you want to know about your accommodation. The Internet has really influenced the travel industry probably more than any others

Its a good thing. We all work hard and need a holiday from time to time to recharge our batteries