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It is just the perfect evening!

Every once in a while I can go for a stroll and everything is so perfect. Tonight is one of those nights. Everything is so calm. Nothing is moving, the plants and trees are static, no sound of rustling palms. The sea is like a pond, so still, no waves and from where I am standing you cannot hear the water lapping onto the shore. The most amazing part of this evening is the moon. I¨ve not checked to see if tonight is an oficial full moon but to me it is as close as you can get, if its not.  Quite low in the sky at the moment, no clouds and bright, so bright! Where I live its quite populated so I am not getting the full benefit. I would love to be on Famara Beach or maybe in Tabayesco on top of the mountain where there would be little light polution. I have tried to take a photo but can never quite get it right. It always looks so far away and ends up blurry. I`ve uploaded my bad attempt and maybe you can use your imagination but believe me it doesn`t catch the real beauty of this evening.