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Its been never a better time to think about a self catering holiday in Lanzarote. Nowdays it can work out extremely economic and the range of products available on the island is endless. Gone are the days where you were tied to inflated resort prices and searching for the products you were used to at home. Obviously some are still hard to find, after all this is a foreign country but you can find similar products and brands quite easily at very good prices.

At last budget supermarkets have reached the island and for visitors the exchange rate has helped enormously. We used to be limited to just 2 supermarket chains, Eurospar and Supersol. With the introduction of a well known Spanish chain, Mercadona and European supermarket Lidle, the older chains have had to compete, not only in pricing but in the products they offer. Its easy now to bulk shop and save money, whether you want to hire a car or take a taxi to one of these larger stores or take advantage of the smaller chains in resort.

A new shop has recently opened which is a UK branded supermarket called Overseas. Its sells a mixture of Waitress and Iceland products at very good prices. Great for the ex pats and holiday makers missing their UK brands. Of course saving that little extra money gives also gives you that little extra for eating out and trying the local cuisine which you can do very reasonably.