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Just when you think you have discovered everything you need to know about the island of Lanzarote, you find a new hidden corner. If you follow one of the many off road dirt tracks, you will be sure to find something amazing.

El Bosquecillo is a place which at one point was not well publicised. Originaly introduced as an area for the locals, away from the tourists. A place of their own. Nowdays it is better known but you rarely find many people at this spot. Its quite difficult to get to but once you are there, the views over the island of Graciosa and Caleta de Famara are breathtaking. It is called El Bosquecillo (the little forest) due to the number of trees planted in the area. This is the closest you will get finding a forest in Lanzarote. Its nothing like a real forest but you will get an idea of why it has won its name if you ever visit. There are built in BBQ’s doted around the area and a childrens playground. In the summer its a good place to go to cool down and in the winter choose the day carefully because you are truly up in the clouds and visibilty can be poor.

This is one of the most amazing viewpoints on the island but very difficult to find