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Many people who visit the island don’t realise how close Fuerteventura is to Lanzarote. In fact for many tourists on their first visit, It becomes apparent when they arrive and see Fuerteventura from the east coast. The sand dunes are perfectly visible on a clear day from Puerto del Carmen, playa Blanca and other elevated locations.

For anyone not familiar with this island, it is in fact the second largest of the Canarian Archipelago and the least developed. It has a completely different feel. Unlike Lanzarote there are no building restrictions apart from height. The buildings are painted in all different colours and the towns have a real surf feel as the island has hosted the wind surf championships on occasion.

The landscape is arid with very little plant life. It surprising how different the islands are considering they are so close together. If your a beach lover then Fuertaventura without a doubt has some of the best beaches in Europe. Its quite easy to visit the sand dunes if you are staying in Lanzarote. You can hop a ferry from Playa Blanca and arrive in 40 minutes. Then take a 15 minute ride in a bus or taxi and you are there. Once on the dunes there is quite a bit of walking to do to reach the sea front and no shops or facilities in this area as it is Nationally protected.

If you hire a car then there are some beautiful beaches on the north west coast ‘El Cortillo’. A trip down to the south will take a good hour 45 minutes.