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My Favourite day of the week. Morning coffee and thinking how can I make the most of the next 2 days ahead. I’m sure I will be doing some work, but these 2 days are traditionaly special days. I can remember years ago, when the shops were closed and the newsagent could only sell papers, milk and eggs. Half of the shop had been blocked to stop you from selecting any offending products because it was Sunday. These days everything is accesible 24 hours a day. I suppose it has its benefits but I do miss the lazy day where you had to be imaginative and maybe go for a walk or visit friends. We always found something to do! These 2 favorite  days were completeley different.  Saturday the streets were full of people rushing around the shops and markets. Kids TV in the morning and sport all afternoon. Sunday neighbours washing their cars and the smell of roast dinners emerging from every house in the street. So today I am looking at my weekend and how I can make the most of it.

The good thing about Lanzarote is you can spend a lot more time outside:) The shopping centers are open but a majority of shops outside the resorts are closed so there is still a lazy feel to Sundays. A family day, and its great to see them taking a stroll together along the sea front in the afternoon. Granma,Granpa, grown up kids and the grandchildren on their bikes and scooters.

So this weekend I think I will catch up with some jobs on Saturday and Sunday, maybe a trip to Teguise market or a drive to one of the many cheap fish restaurants. Just thinking of Paella, glass of wine followed by a walk along the beach.

Checking the web, there are things to do. A dance school exhibition, fashion show for dogs, a carnival group choir and jazz group. Nothing is really grabbing my attention. I think everyone will be saving their energy for Carnival in the next couple of weeks, this is when the island will come to life.

For me Its going to be a quiet one. Allready thinking of that Paella.

Hope you have a good one and recharge those batteries for the week ahead!